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Problems & Solutions

The size of the world market of online gambling was valued for 53.700 million of dollars in 2019. The high penetration of the internet and the increase use of smart phones to play online from their homes and public places are impulsing this market.

To settle a transaction, banks and payment gateways (PG) have elevated charges (is expensive) and may delay too much procesing the payments to the account who requests it. Not counting, with multiple risks, own and derivatives, that may emerge due the utilization of bank cards (for example: disputes to reverse charges carried out with false or stolen cards – Chargeback).

The lackness of one unique system of global payment and equivalent which could be used in different platforms beyond the gaming and gambling ecosystem.
The users of gambling and bets don´t have an unnified system nowdays who alow them to play and bet in multiple platforms actually offered in the worldwide market, that can be tricky when youre using diferent platforms and games at the moment when you have to Exchange the local coin of the user so you can use the own chip of the casino, having even to pay extra spends for the Exchange.


DB Token is the instrument of extended playability more ambicious of the sector of gambling in Latin America. Our goal is to link this market and the providers with their millions of users, through the interconection of services and products of our international allies; pretending to give innovative solutions to an exigent market that keeps the acelarated rythm of growing since the last years. JDB Token will offer technological solutions that will enhance the experience of players in all gambling platforms expanding their offert of services, experiences, rewards and prizes.

Taking advantage of the power of the blockchain and the systems of distributed accountancy, JDB Token has been created as crypto active, using the standard ERC-20 of Ethereum. The protocol Ethereum, as being a decentralized network guarantees to stock information in a distributed way and leting run the JDB over intelligent and inviolable contracts, traceables, agile and with free access to the public so we offer transparency and security for the ecosystem environment.

Implementation sheet

Release of 10% JDB Token. Consolidation of ecosystem development Private Sale & Pre Sale

Upcoming DAPPS

In an ecosystem as wide as the gambling & gaming industry we find solutions to receive and store your crypto, use it to play, transfer, exchange and pay at very low cost and at an incredible speed. Do not miss our progress throughout the development process. Have fun at JDB!

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Token distribution

To calculate the number of tokens you ll receive, you can follow the following formula. Note that this applies to public presale contributions only. If you participated through a syndicate or private presale,

To calculate the number of tokens you ll receive, you can follow the following formula. Note that this applies to public presale contributions only. If you participated through a syndicate or private presale

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